“Lightness of Seeing,” Debuts at Moraga Art Gallery

The Moraga Art Gallery is proud to announce the opening of a new show featuring the Lucy Beck-Anemonework of member Lucy Beck, the artist-photographer who creates images that encourage viewers to tread lightly on the ground because, as she says, “There is remarkable beauty there.” A resident of Lafayette, Lucy “paints” floral portraits with light to show the astonishing variety of colors and shapes of small flowers in our gardens, fields and woodlands. Her efforts, she feels, honor the inherent beauty all around us andMy purple Garden help to preserve “the complex web of life that we call ‘home.

Although largely self-taught, Lucy has also studied at The Image Flow and attended workshops with Harold Davis and the Contra Costa Camera Club. She herself has made numerous presentations at camera and garden clubs, including FotoClave 2017, a bi-annual convention for photographers. Her photographs have won prizes at many shows and competitions.

The show’s featured guest artist is the Oakland ceramicist, Tomoko Jarrell, who IMG_8408specializes in the design and creation simple, comely, Japanese-inspired functional and decorative vases, cups, bowls, and more.  Many of her pieces, from teacups to noodle/rice bowls are modestly decorated with playful colored dots, hints of lines, and understated colors such as periwinkle, pale greens and sunflower yellow. Tomoko says she is drawn to handmade objects because “they feel special and warm, feelings I want to share with people.”

The gallery’s show, which also includes work by its 14 member artists, runs from June 5 to August 10. The public is invited to a free opening reception on Saturday, June 8, from 5 to 7 pm in the gallery at 522 Center Street in Moraga’s Rheem Shopping Center.  Come to meet the artists, enjoy wine, light snacks, and live music

We are open Wednesday through Sunday from 12 noon to 5:00 p.m. For more information, visit the gallery’s website: www.moragaartgallery.com, call 925-376-5407 or email moragaartgallery@gmail.com.