“Variations on a Theme of Beauty” show at Moraga Art Gallery

The Moraga Art Gallery announces the debut of “Variations on a Theme of Beauty,” an exhibit featuring landscape watercolors from the studio of George Ehrenhaft and gestural abstract paintings by Dalia Alekna. We are delighted to have Judy Levitt’s vibrantly hued paintings included in the show.

Variations on a Theme of Beauty” will run from November 9 to January 15. A free reception will be held on Saturday, November 19th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The public is invited to view the art, meet the artists, enjoy light refreshments, hear live music, and mingle with other art lovers. Wendy Tamis, an accomplished harpist, will be our live entertainment.

George Ehrenhaft

George Ehrenhaft started painting watercolors after retiring in 1996 from teaching English in a suburban high school in Mamaroneck, New York.  

He now lives and enjoys the surrounding San Francisco East Bay, painting outdoors 300 days a year with no end of dazzling places to paint. George leans towards landscapes, mountains, trees, barns, and other buildings. You can see him drawn to lakes, rivers, reservoirs–even puddles. Travel has given him the chance to paint in Italy and Nepal, among other places.

“In my paintings the colors are richer and brighter than in reality. Edges are soft, shapes and textures pleasing to the eye. My works push no artistic boundaries. Rather, they soothe the spirit, and encourage viewers to observe the beauty all around them.” https://www.mesart.com/indexps.jsp?artist=3939

George Ehrenhaft, A Walk in the Rain
George Ehrenhaft, Beauty in the Boonies

Dalia Alekna

Dalia Alekna received her BFA and my MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and academics at the University of Chicago.  While at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she had an assistantship in Printmaking.  She was in numerous galleries in the Chicago area including the cooperative gallery ARC.  Her works were included in the Sales and Rental Gallery in the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Dalia now resides in the East Bay and enjoys her family and creating art. “I am using my creativity exploring abstract art. Exploring something new is extremely exciting. Using the knowledge and training I received in school I have applied it in creating my abstracts while also using new techniques that are being used for abstract art. Everything is happening spontaneously as I am creating new ideas and visuals.” https://moragaartgallery.com/members-2/members-2-dalia-alekna/

Dalia Alekna, Music Series
Dalia Alekna, The Dancer

Guest Artist, Judy Levit

I create my abstract paintings as much from my imagination and dreams as from images in the real world. When I paint, I become an explorer of the inner world, experimenting, taking risks, making discoveries and mistakes, moving forward intuitively. I focus on the lines, shapes and colors that evolve and these become the map I follow and the language I use to express complex feelings.

Judy Levitt, Oasis
Judy Levitt, Heatwave

The show also contains paintings, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, glassware, etchings, woodwork, photographs, prints, and much more by the gallery’s core of members.  The Moraga Art Gallery’s Gift Boutique features handmade gift items created by local artists including glass items, ceramics, beautiful wooden bowls, boxed cards, small paintings, decorative pillows, cards, jewelry and other gift items. 

Hours:  Open Wednesday through Sunday from 12 noon to 5:00 pm.  Open everyday from 12 noon to 5:00 pm, on December 1 to December 24. Closed December 25 to January 3. Regular hours start on January 4.

Address: 432 Center Street in Moraga’s Rheem Shopping Center,

For more information, please visit the gallery’s website: https://moragaartgallery.com or email moragaartgallery@gmail.com or call 925-376-5407.