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Membership Contract Guidelines

• Must be a member of Lamorinda Arts Alliance.

• Must have a California Seller’s Permit.
(CA Dept of Tax and Fee Administration; CDTFA 800-400-7115.)

• $80 membership fee required to join the Moraga Art Gallery prior to exhibiting in the Gallery.**

• Membership must be at least a three show commitment.

• Gallery members will pay a fee of $50 per show, for each of five shows per year. Members will pay a commission of 12% for each item sold. These fees will cover all expenses of the gallery, including rent, utilities, publicity, purchases and repairs.

• Guest Artists will pay the following fees:
a) The Featured Guest Artist will pay a 40% commission on all sales.
b) Regular Guest Artists will pay a 35% commission.

• Members must participate in all shows.

• Each member sits the gallery at least 2-3 times per show, plus involvement in at least one committee/area of work. A Gallery Member will pay a former or current Member a fee of $45+ to staff the gallery, if the person scheduled to staff cannot trade a staffing day with another current member. Changes in fees can be made by a recommendation from the Treasurer, President, Gallery Manager and Publicity chairman, with a majority approval at a general meeting. (See By-Laws, Article IV, Section 9).

• There is a mandatory membership meeting once per show for all artists.

• Each artist provides an artist bio and pictures for gallery book and the website.

**New members joining the gallery after January, 2020 will receive 50% of the $80 fee back, if, 6 months after they join, if the gallery loses its lease with U.S Realty and cannot find other premises.

For more information on full membership, please e-mail the gallery:

For an application for membership, click here.