Entering the Holiday Season, Moraga Art Gallery presents “Yellowstone: Beauty, Beasts and Boneyards”

MORAGA:  As we approach the holidays, Moraga Art Gallery presents a new show, “Yellowstone: Beauty, Beasts and Boneyards”, featuring Lisa Gunn, oil painter and Lisa Neimeth, ceramicist.

The show runs from November 4 thru January 9. The public is invited to the opening reception on Saturday, November 7, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the gallery at 522 Center Street in Moraga’s  Rheem Shopping Center.

  Rustic Wyoming ranch with hay bales and dilapidated truckIn her paintings, Lisa Gunn concentrates on capturing qualities of light.  She strives to create a bond between herself and the viewer. “I don’t  show every detail, but paint as though it is a musical moment for me. I pick my subjects with great care—like a composer–and paint only what I find expressive or wonderful.”  Adding final touches, she  thinks of the expressiveness of music. Soft edges and broken colors echo the impressionistic sounds of Debussy or Ravel. Big, bold brushstrokes call to mind the chords of Beethoven’s later piano sonatas, and ethereal abstractions, Beethoven’s late string quartets. “Over time,” she says, “I have discovered that music and art, although executed differently, rest upon the same platforms.”

Buffalo on the range in Yellowstone NPIt is of the utmost importance to me to paint with expression as I believe that is what creates the bond between the viewer and the artist. I will never be a painter that will dazzle one with glissandos and realistic technique.

I love painting everything: portraits, stills, landscape and plein air painting. Painting everything sharpens the eye and offers different challenges.

Also featured is a boldly-hued collection of one-of-a-kind etched tableware, handmade by guest artist Lisa Neimeth in her studio, a converted San Francisco chicken coop. Her work enlivens any decor, but “It is to be used,” she says, “not just admired.”

Assortment of ceramic bowlsNeimeth explains, “My community development work exposed me to lots of different cultures, neighborhoods and ways of life and really helped to hone my observation skills which I use regularly to influence and inform my clay design work. I felt motivated to move my work to a more functional place. But I wanted to bridge the concept of a “work of art” with something completely useable–and there was born creating one of a kind handmade tableware using impressed objects and hand-etched design elements.”

The show includes the gallery’s 16 resident artists and several guest artists. The public is invited to the opening reception on Saturday, November 7, from 5-7pm. Come see the new exhibit, meet the artists, sip a glass of wine and enjoy conversation with the artists and other local art lovers.

The gallery is located in the Rheem Shopping Center, at 522 Center Street, Moraga. Its hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 12 noon to 5:00 p.m . For more information, visit www.moragaartgallery.com or call 925-376-5407.