Lucy Beck

Freezing a moment in time where the camera catches the fragile curve of a rose petal, the alabaster like quality of a Calla lily briefly lit by the sun, and the almost impossibly beautiful combinations of colors in daisies, again highlighted by the sun, are some of the huge rewards of being able to stand behind a camera and capture those moments. The camera, imperfect but not selective in its vision, is a magical tool which makes the ordinary extraordinary.

I have always been drawn to the remarkable beauty in flowers, probably evolved to ensure that, being stationary, their kind will continue, through the help of bees, and other insects and also humans, as we touch them. With my camera, I’m able to bring this fleeting beauty to paper, so as the flower fades, and perhaps our memory of it, we still have this, the picture.

I began photographing about five years ago, and took my first course at the Acalanes Adult School with Bill Helsel. This past summer I had private lessons with Stuart Schwartz and Matt Schrioch at the Image Flow in Mill Valley.

I’ve spent many wonderful hours enjoying and analyzing works of renowned photographers, and am particularly inspired by Harold Feinstein and Georgia O’Keefe.

I am also a voice teacher, and have been singing and teaching for most of my adult life.

I live in Lafayette with my husband, Joe Beck.

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