Kay DeGroot

It was my husband’s transfer to Thailand that precipitated the birth of Asian Accents, the title of my jewelry business. As a docent at the Bangkok National Museum, I explored all the markets, discovered and started collecting many of the treasures that went into the jewelry that was originally inspired by a Jim Thompson Thai Silk Co. designer.

On home leave one summer, I sold 3 of the necklaces that I was wearing from around my neck to friends. While on our plane trip back to Thailand, my husband said: ” I think you have discovered something”…You should start a jewelry business when we return to the states! Start collecting!” I did!

28 years ago, Asian Accents was born as a “cottage industry”…it’s been growing ever since. Over the years, I’ve supplemented the original treasures with new ones collected on global travels and from International bead dealers in California.

I love designing my “One of a Kind Cross Cultural Wearable Art” necklaces and earrings…people seem to enjoy wearing them.

Currently, I do custom designing out of my home studio and Participate in many Holiday Boutiques. I look forward to joining The Moraga Gallery to meet other Lamorinda artists and to expose my jewelry to a wider circle of prospective clients.

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