Kath Balamuth

As a child and young adult, I enjoyed drawing and painting, but never felt I was “good enough” to pursue a career as a fine artist.  As an adult, I nibbled around the edges of the art world by working as a freelance graphic designer, owning and operating an art supply store in Orinda called Artability, and instructing calligraphy. Now, in my seventies, I’m just beginning to explore the possibilities of what I can create with color and design. Next could be figures, or I might find the courage to dig into abstraction. Whatever happens, I’m not done yet!

My main medium is acrylic paint and I use photos as resources for my ideas. I like to pick a subject for a series and explore it until I’m ready to move on. I’ve included images below from some of my explorations. These include: Favorite People Paintings, Mom as Muse of the Masters…and Me, Succulents, Bala Bottles, and Old Soles & A Fish.

I’m presently working on a series of images inspired by nature. I can’t wait to find out what’s next. I’m delighted to be the newest member of Moraga Art Gallery.

Visit my website: www.kathbalamuth.com

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