Danguole Rita Kuolas

From the first time that I carved a linoleum block at the age of 12, I have been a printmaker. Printmaking has been the medium in which I found my artistic voice. That voice was further amplified when I began familiarizing myself with the strong printmaking traditions of the country of my heritage, Lithuania.

My imagery comes from within. Unplanned, unexpected, evolving from one line, to a series of marks, to a shape, each step a constant surprise to me. Each plate or block causes a reaction that fuels the need to create the next.

Whether etching copper, carving a wood block, assembling a collaged plate or incorporating digital media, I am fascinated by the technical and the physical aspects of creating an image.

And that moment of lifting the paper off of the plate after running it through the press and seeing the resulting image still causes amazement.

When the print is being viewed I smile at the thought that no one knows the secrets of creation that hide beneath the surface.


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking, Mundelein College, Chicago IL

Creates etchings, woodblock prints, handmade artist’s books and experiments with digital printmaking.

Participates in juried and curated art exhibits both in the US and internationally.

Member of the California Society of Printmakers and the Boston Printmakers.

Former Artist in Residence at the South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA and the Kala Art Institute, Berkeley CA

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