Angelica Samame

I was born and raised in Peru, South America. I lived in Moraga for 27 years, and now I reside in Lafayette, CA.

My interest for art started when I was a young girl. I have been influenced by the old masters of modern and contemporary art like Arthur Bernard who said that “Art should have the perfection of a surgeon and the spontaneity of a child.” I am also inspired by Yury Tremler, Hessam Abrashami, Goli Mahallati, Manuel Anoro, and many others.

My passion for art started in 2000. Since then I have taken many art classes and workshops, and I study art through many different art books. I work with a variety of mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, inks, and pastels.

My artwork is about creation and experimentation. I don’t plan my subjects; I improvise. I don’t usually approach a painting with a specific composition in mind. Rather, my creative process starts when I approach the canvas. After applying the paint, shapes appear. I connect colors with ideas and figures, bringing each painting to life.

The subject matter of my art is primarily women in both the traditional and contemporary ways of life. I also work with abstraction in a whimsical way. Recently, I am experimenting with cubism. For the past five years I have also been working and experimenting with papier mache. I love creating and designing cats, giving them human forms. I use color, patterns, and a sense of humor to give each cat a distinct personality.

My personal journey with art is about the investigation and study of creativity and  approaching the artistic process as an adventure.

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