Pam Murray

For me, the process of creating art is a paradox. While my mind and soul are “wired” and active, at the same time, I feel perfectly quiet and content. The puzzle of harmony!

Having been an art educator for twenty years, I’ve worked with a variety of mediums, in styles from Realism to Abstract. Watercolor was my first love, then I became obsessed with acrylics, playing with bold colors. If I were to choose the elements that speak to me most, they would be texture and color.

Recently, Ive been drawn to collage. Working from a photograph, I substitute small pieces of colored papers or magazine clippings, gluing them where a painter might place a brush stroke of pigment. It’s like a puzzle, with lots of “license” to “rephrase” my personal translation of the image. The final piece is generally busy and playful, yet structured and precise.

I like to challenge myself, and try new techniques and materials. Currently, I am enjoying a figure drawing class, and plan to continue exploring areas that make me grow as an artist.

My work has been displayed in several galleries, including Carmel, Monterey, Berkeley, and in the California foothills. My paintings, prints, drawings, and collages are represented in over a hundred collections, throughout the world.

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