Alys Briggs

I am the daughter and sister of art teachers.  So, even though I pursued a career as an attorney, the family art influence was strong.  My father’s favorite media were cartoons and caricature, my sister’s print making.   For my part, in grammar school, I had a Brownie and my own dark room (without running water) in my bedroom closet.  That camera was followed by other more sophisticated ones, but I don’t think my eye kept pace in sophistication.

But when the digital revolution arrived with new cameras, and no worries about the cost of film, my photography became more imaginative.  And then, when Photoshop came into my life, I became even more adventuresome.  Now, I think of myself as more of a graphic artist who uses a camera as a tool.  I have found myself drawn to a variety of subjects, including cycles and museum goers (I look for some resonance between a particular work of art and the dress or person viewing the work).  Sometimes what appeals is the atmosphere of a place. Other times, it is simply a pattern of colors in the scene before me.  It gives me great pleasure to take these photos and to try to make them appealing to the eyes of others.

Subsequently, I have added a new format to my work.  For the past several years, I have been creating photomontages: a new image created from blending several photographs together.  Sometimes the connection between the photographs is obvious, sometimes not, but in each I have sought to combine images with some thematic connection between them.  And, more recently I have been playing a game with myself.  I will go out for the day, often to a museum, and when I am home, I see what I can create, solely from the images captured that day.

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