Kay Nitta (Kuniko)

“Precision Beauty” ~genuine hand-made jewelry by Kay Nitta (Kuniko)

Kuniko takes her inspiration from the simple aesthetic beauty of Japanese nature, which influenced her in her formative years in Japan. She was mesmerized by the intricate delicacy of natural stones when polished and wanted to make them into jewelry.

In the process of making cabochons from natural stones, she becomes “compulsive,” yet very patient in pursuing the precision beauty of her jewelry and works with five different grinders for hours until she obtains the potential and immense beauty of the natural stones.

The cabochons are either wrapped in sterling silver or gold field wire or embellished with beads.

Her work can be found at the Helen Jones Gallery in Sacramento. as well as the Moraga Art Gallery and her Lapidary Club at Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA, where she resides.

Care: The quality of both sterling and gold filled wire is” half-hard,” which means unlike other metal set jewelry, they are not permanently soldered and could be damaged if hard pressed. Please handle them gently.

Cleaning: Use ultrasonic cleaner solution” or silver cleaning cloth.

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