Judy Bolef Miller

A friend walked by as I was working clay on one of my gestural figures and exclaimed “ Wow, I felt like that the other day.” This emotional response is what my work is all about. My narratives focus on everyday life, familiar objects, and experiences, often with a touch of humor. I am drawn to the sculptural elements in nature and intrigued by the sculpture that occurs accidentally, such as the random way that books are stacked. All of these elements become part of a story as I strive to create a narrative by combining texture, form, and movement.

As a multimedia artist, I have explored many techniques and media, my abstract paintings are highly textured and sometimes include collage and assemblage elements. The creative process is the driving force for me. When exploring something in a different way I seem never to run out of ideas and different forms to explore. My series have a widely different feel to them, but these differences are what drives my work. I hope I never tire of opening a new door.

You can see more of her work on her website or reach her at judysculpt@yahoo.com.

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