Carol Tarzier

Carol Tarzier’s career began with drawing and with sculpture in bronze.   Awards for sculpture include the John Cavanaugh Memorial Award for Figurative Sculpture, awards from the National Sculpture Society including the Roger T. Williams Prize, Alex J. Ettl Grant, the Gold Medal and the Maurice B. Hexter Prize, and the Bosque Conservatory Art Council’s Silver Medal. Commissioned sculptures include a memorial to C.L. Dellums for the City of Oakland’s Amtrak station and a life-size memorial to George Hasslein, Dean of the College of Architecture at CalPoly. Over the last years she returned to an early love, oil painting. Her paintings have been represented in national shows including the Salon International at the Greenhouse Gallery in Texas, at the Haggin Museum, and at the California Art Club’s Gold Medal Show over the last several years.

Her paintings represent a refined focus on light: through the clouds, on water, on glass, and on metal, glass, fruit and flowers, and on the face and figure. She creates form with light on the model’s face and drapery. Her favorite time for outdoor painting is early evening. Light on water, whether clouds or reflections or the ocean, is magical, and her paintings capture the light on theCalifornia coastline and bays. Still lifes glow as if from within, with light and with reflections of the color around them. She is honored to be able to paint a coastline as beautiful as California’s, and finds infinite depth in simple objects.

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